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my name is abbey. i'm 20 years old and from southern indiana. i'm a sophomore in college, majoring in social work and i work in my school's library. i'm a very smart girl who loves to laugh. i stand up for myself, but i have a heart of gold. if you ever need advice/ someone to talk with/ someone to vent to, my ask is open. otherwise, just enjoy my blog. <3
leopard print, tanning, food, makeup, tattoos, hoodies, yoga pants, vans, hair, nails, cute dogs, coffee, urban decay, iphones, mac cosmetics, kat von d, cute undies, tumblr, flannels, good music, glitter, fall, etc..
Q: So you Got A question A: Let me give you an answer ok Q: Another Question A: Answer ok just answering you Q: Bleep bloop question A: Answerinnnn Q: Bleep bloop question A: Answer for you Q: Question? A: answerin you for the fifth time jfc

katy perry - this is how we do

you asked for it, lib. here is my sister, she belongs to me.

my sister is the human, not one of the action figures btw

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    I belong to you :) YAYYY!!! But Beth and Nataytay are still mine…
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