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About me:

i'm abbey // 19 // southern indiana. i'm a leo, through and through. freshman in college, majoring in social work. i have infectious laughter and a sharp tongue. i'm single and that's cool. i have a bad attitude, but a heart of gold. girlygirl / metal chick ftw. >>>>>>>> xoxo, abbey;


tattoos, leopard print, food, metal music, tanning, energydrinks, makeup, vspink, palm trees, hair, nails, yoga pants, starbucks, band tees, dogs, glitter, skulls, vans, hairdye, zebraprint, iphones, hot guys, undies, piercings, flowers, hellokitty, sweet tea, babylips, bikinis, summertime.



Q: where is your theme from? A: sugarsmack.net Q: who made your banner? A: she did. Q: will you check out my blog? A: of course! Q: Can I get some advice? A: I'd love to help any way I can. Q: How do you...? A: I suck at explaining shit, but I'll try to help.

Music + stats:

here // since march 21st
song: here's to the past : artist: a day to remember

you asked for it, lib. here is my sister, she belongs to me.

my sister is the human, not one of the action figures btw

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    I belong to you :) YAYYY!!! But Beth and Nataytay are still mine…
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